Josephine Eve

Girl-Bosses to the front

Fashion stylist and blogger Josephine Eve is the epitome of chic, everlasting style. She specialises in styling women in business and has an incredible talent for making her clients look and feel ultra-luxe for less.

We wanted to pick her brain on how to integrate the key principles of fashion styling into home décor styling.

Get your pen and paper ready people…no seriously…


How do you balance ever-changing trends with everlasting style?

Versatile and timeless style is so crucial especially when you want to maintain your unique individual style all year round either in fashion and also the home.

This is a great little technique I use when styling my clients:

1. Choose your four favourite colours that are a mix of neutrals (black, white, navy, beige, grey, nude) and colour.

Remember that pen and paper? Well go on, write down your four favourite neutral colours.

2. Then occasionally throw in a pop of colour that makes you feel good. I like to introduce new colours or colour trends to my clients through accessorising e.g.; scarves, clutches and jewellery.

Now write down your four favourite pop colours and turn your attention to your home.

3. For home; it’s easy to follow those similar principles. Find your 4 colours and then introduce a few little ornaments in pops of colour to place strategically around the home to spice things up a bit. Instead of painting a whole room copper rose gold, (a great colour trend I might add) purchase something simple that won't break the budget like a rose gold vase, a nice wall hanging frame or cushions.

Room updates do not have to be timely expensive overhauls, keeping a staple neutral colour pallet then replacing key style elements to keep up with the latest trends is simple! Our vases, handing frames and cushions are great add-ons to bring a new trend into your home.



Who is your style icon and how to do they inspire you creatively?

Victoria Beckham gives me inspiration. She’s ultra-girl boss, embraces the modern femme, breaks the rules and I love that she just owns it. Effortless sophistication at its finest.