Product stylist and content creator, Jo from @storyandco encompasses all that it is to love about neutral, rustic style with a touch of pink (of course)! We sat down with Jo to get an understanding of how she styles her adorable boys Hunter and Archie’s rooms and what she has planned for her baby girl’s room.


What do you first look for when choosing a new theme for your home and the boy’s rooms?

For the boy’s I always base it off their personality and what they are currently interested in. Also, what will help with their growth and development. Being a teacher, I learnt a lot about how our environment can affect what children learn and how they subconsciously absorb information so I try to creatively and stylish incorporate into planning their rooms and playroom. For the house, I am always changing and rearranging, I but I go off what inspires me and brings a sense of calmness to our home. Something that is stylish, functional, comfortable and easy to maintain but has character. 


How do you balance ever-changing trends with everlasting style?

So I am all about classic pieces for my home (in terms of paint on the walls, big piece furnishings etc.) as well as fashion (basic and staples). I then adapt to the trends and my changing moods and styles by adding ‘layers’ as I like to call it and accessorising. So for our home, an easy way to do this is by cushions, throws and wall art (I like to use shelves and change my prints so I don’t damage the walls). For fashion, I buy a seasonal coat, heels, a dress but stick with my class handbag. 



What is your favourite style accessory is for yourself and for the boys and why?

For me, it would have to be my YSL clutch, you can dress it up for dinner, or dress it down for the day, but still adds a bit of luxe to your outfit. Or I am loving hats at the moment! For the boys, I love to accessorise for them with hats, sunglasses, loafers or watches. My husband has wonderful style, so I get a lot of ideas from him, so the boys reflect his preppy yet coastal style.


How do you use social media to showcase your style?

I love social media to express our story creatively. I am all for the pretty pictures but my captions are deep and full of wisdom and heart. Whether I am styling the boys' room, our bedroom (one of my favourites to do) or a new outfit for one of us, I love to bring achievable outfits and decor with a touch of luxe to my followers.


We’d loved to know what theme are you planning on channelling when the baby girl arrives?

I am going super girly! I am currently outnumbered with 3 boys (hubby included!) at home, so it is time for some pink! I am very girly and love feminine soft pieces but I will mix it in with natural tones. It will be whimsical. I have loved planning her nursery (and outfits!). 


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