Women's Pairables

An adorable foot covering to wear around the house, these pairables come in a variety of animal themed styles that are soft, fun and stylish.

Women's Furry Foot Pals

These Furry Foot Pals have intricate details whilst still being 100% machine washable, keeping feet cosy and warm with fun animal designs.

Women's Bed of Roses

These classic rose design slumbies!® are women’s favourites. Their classy style coupled with the rose design makes them the perfect foot covering for every cosy home occasion.

Women's Cuffed Cable

The latest slumbies!® style features Sherpa lining & a stylish cable stitching for maximum comfort. Each sock comes with a non-slip sole, perfect for lounging around the house.

Women's Plaid

These plaid slumbies!® are the perfect mix of ballet slipper design with the unforgettable slumbies!® feel. Perfect for around the house or out and about, these foot coverings tick all the boxes!

Women's Shortie

Popular women’s fashion socks with warm and cosy material. Each shortie sock comes with Sherpa lining and features a fun and unique pattern so feet stay warm and comfortable at all times.

Women's Wiggle Stripe

These classic wiggle design slumbies!® are perfect for every cosy home occasion. They come in three core colours; pink, blue and lilac and are lined with soft, Sherpa fleece material.

Baby Sherpa Animals

A pair of animal themed slumbies!® is the ultimate gift for every baby. Their feet will stay cosy and warm whilst looking oh-so-cute.

Men's Shortie

Say good-bye to boring old socks, these shortie socks come with a Sherpa lining and feature a fun unique pattern so feet stay warm and comfortable at all times.

Women's Furry Foot Pals

The new “man’s best friend” is a pair of slumbies!®, with maximum comfort and relaxation in a variety of classic styles. Perfect for keeping cosy around the house.