Didn't get the reno memo?

When did everyone go on a trip to South America and come back with a completely new home interior style?

The Answer: Botanical.
It is everywhere at the moment and we’re loving it. This bold, lush and leafy trend brings life and cooling tones into any space and is a delightful pop of colour.

We sat down with incredible Interior Stylist Kim Passmore from @serenitylane.styling, who specialises in styling beds and side tables. Kim gave us her tips and tricks for integrating the Botanical trend into your home without booking a trip to South America (although we fully encourage that research).


How do you balance ever changing trends with everlasting style?

Trends come and go, so my advice would be to think about the kind of design style and colour palette you love most and can see yourself living with most of the time. I believe it helps if your furniture, paintwork and floorcoverings are predominantly neutral. That way, when trends change you can easily refresh your décor through soft furnishings, rugs and other décor accessories.


How can you easily bring the Botanical trend into your home?

Bring in the Greenery
The first way that comes to mind is greenery. Greenery brings a sense of nature, life and vitality and it doesn’t have to be the living variety either. There is some amazing artificial plants out there today that won’t break the budget. Potted or hanging greenery looks stunning around the home. The most popular greenery at the moment is the Fiddle Leaf Fig, Mother In Laws Tongue, Monstera Leaf and many more.

Work That Artwork
My second suggestion would be to incorporate the Botanical trend through nature inspired artwork. Palm and Leafy art prints can make a visual impact in many areas of your home. It creates a fresh, tranquil feel as well as bringing the outside in.


Accessories to the front
Thirdly, accessorise your home with Botanical themed soft furnishings. Botanical themed bedlinen coordinated with neutral tones can look so light and airy as well as creating a tropical vibe to your home. For those that love a pop of colour the tonal greens and pink/blush are still on trend and can look stunning together with gold accents.

The thing to remember is that interior styling is about personal taste and should reflect what resonates with you. It is achievable to maintain your core style with ever changing trends without the costly outlay.


Inspire Corner

Who is your style icon? How do they inspire you creatively?

I am inspired by Scandinavian Design which is based on the philosophy of simplicity, functionality and light and airy spaces. It is achieved by incorporating muted colours, clean lines, natural elements, cosy textiles and de-cluttered spaces. My design aesthetic incorporates a lot of these elements.