Product and Editorial Kids Stylist, Sarah from @thebearclub is the epitome of chic, modern motherhood. She embodies her neutral style in all things fashion, home décor and lifestyle, whilst portraying the essence of stylish Melbourne living.

We sat down with Sarah to get an understanding on how she approaches styling her gorgeous twin boys' playrooms and how she uses those principles in styling her home and wardrobe.



What do you first look for when choosing a new theme for the boys’ playrooms?

I see certain items which I fall in love with and create a theme around that. For example, the Garden Playground theme came from seeing the Lillagunga swing and gymnastics ropes from My Little Giggles, both indoor play equipment which I knew my super active twin boys would LOVE! Plus I loved having an excuse to use the stunning AneWall floral wallpaper I’ve loved for a very long time.



The upstairs playroom is a calm space for the boys to retreat and use their imaginations without noise and clutter. I choose a neutral colour palette as it’s fun for me to style, and also its a contrast from the rest of their colourful toys in the downstairs playroom.

How do you balance ever-changing trends with everlasting style?

I try not to be too swayed by trends anymore. I’ve done this in the past where I’ve gone very extreme for a fashion fad, and then completely overdosed! It’s all about experimenting though, so those fads have taught me what I really like.. warmth in wood tones and layering textural contrasts rather than bright colours.


What is your favourite style accessory for yourself and for the boys?

Hats! Love how they add an extra opportunity for texture. The boys suit hats too.



How do you use social media to showcase your style?

I love having my Instagram account as a way to stay accountable for my style choices. I can see potential in too many things a lot, so now I think, are you proud to put that in photos for all to see? It’s really made me stay true to what I actually love.