Interior stylist and colour consultant Kim Passmore at The Property Colour Stylist is passionate about creating beautifully cohesive spaces that reflect your individual lifestyle and personality. We sat down with Kim to find out more about her new business and how to make your space look straight out of a magazine without all the stress.


What has been one of the biggest learnings for you in setting up The Property Colour Stylist?


I’d definitely have to say understanding the importance of nailing your business plan right from the word go! I’d never given it a second thought until starting my own business. It has been invaluable in establishing my goals in terms of the what, why and how for The Property Colour Stylist. I feel more confident with where I am headed and how I will be able to help my target audience make their colour and styling selections for their homes, inside and out. 


Majority of people are not confident with interior styling, can you share with us your top 3 tips for interior styling?

I find that most people have an idea about the look and feel they want to achieve for their home, but aren’t quite sure where to start or how to achieve it. My top three tips for someone not confident with interior styling is to: 

(1) Get to Know Your Design Style; (2) Stick to a Colour Scheme, and (3) Start Small.

Get to know your design style – If you already know your design style that’s great, but for those that don’t, a great way to start is to collect images of interior styled spaces that resonate with you. It can be as small as five images or so and you will usually start to see a theme emerging of the kinds of colours, textures, furniture and décor being used to create the look. This process will help to give you some direction on the colours and décor required to style your space. 

For example, you might like the Scandinavian design style that is simplistic, uncluttered and cosy, with white being the dominant background. Scandi style features light muted and timber tones, with accents of black, tan or blush. Cosy textures like faux fur, chunky knitted throws feature here along with the natural look of linen and cotton. The key here is, whatever your design style, note down the main colours, textures and accessories that you see across the images.  



Stick to a colour scheme 3-4 colours maximum – Once you have noted the colours you see emerging from your style, stick to those colours. When creating a styled space there generally shouldn’t be any more than 3-4 colours making up the room’s colour palette. Rule of thumb is that three colours, four maximum is enough to create visual interest and variation. If you choose a fourth, try to use a lighter or darker tint or shade of one of the other three colours. Then repeat those colours across the room.


If you have a grey chaise lounge, for example, you could repeat this colour in a vase on a console table and an art print that has some grey in it. Repeat this concept with the remaining colours in your colour scheme and remember the colour can be incorporated into your floor coverings as well.  



Start small – A spruce up or change doesn’t have to mean a renovation overhaul. Start small to gain confidence. It’s amazing how just by changing items like bed linen, cushions, throws, artwork and accessories can make such a difference to the look of your space. Remember to use repetition of colour, texture or pattern around the room to create a balanced cohesive design. Have fun and remember to inject your own personality to make it yours!



What is your favourite trend at the moment and why?

I’d have to say the Colour trend featuring warm earthy hues of Terracotta, Clay, Rust and Coral. We are seeing a lot of these colours incorporated across furniture, soft furnishings, accessories and artwork, which is stunning. What I love is how soft and warm this colour palette looks when they are used together. These hues are being paired with soft pinks, whites, grey greens, mustard and navy. Accents of black and brass also compliment these colours beautifully.



I know a few people, my mum in particular, who want to change up their style, but get a little nervous picking items and she cannot picture the end vision, how can the Property Colourist approach help people like my Mum?


My mum is the same! And they are not alone. I understand how overwhelming it can be trying to work out what pieces to choose and if they will coordinate to create a cohesive styled space. This is one of the main reasons why I’ve included E-Design Styling as part of my service offerings. Let’s face it we all lead busy lives today. E-Design allows me to create a styled interior completely online for anyone in any location living in Australia who can receive goods from selected stores. It saves my clients time and money compared to the more traditional approach of paying a designer to physically source selected items from stores and suppliers for their consideration.

 As you so nicely put it, “The Property Colourist approach” is designed to take the stress out of the planning and selection process for clients. It starts with a design brief consultation by phone, video chat or online questionnaire. This helps me understand the overall look they are trying to achieve as well as their likes and dislikes. Then the rest is up to me.

I create an electronic moodboard design that gives the client a visual concept of what the ‘end vision’ will look like. It includes carefully furniture and décor items that will bring their vision to life. The client can make changes to the design and when it’s approved will be sent straight to their inbox. It includes the product descriptions, pricing and where to purchase along with stylist notes. 

As an optional extra, I can arrange the ordering and delivery of the items with the added bonus of passing on trade discounts which are a great saving for my clients. If they live on the Central Coast of New South Wales, they have the option of having me go to their home and style their space. 


Website: www.thepropertycolourstylist.com.au/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/thepropertycolourstylist/